Tech News Today 1650: It All Comes Out in the Wash
The UK’s Snooper’s Charter will officially pass into law in 2017, requiring web and phone companies to store customers’ Internet Connection Records for a year. It officially received the Royal Assent from the Queen.
Facebook is adding Instant Games to its Messenger service, 17 games built on the HTML5 standard. The games are a mixture of old school classics, along with new titles from studios like Zynga and King.
As early as the first quarter of next year you might be able to buy an Amazon Echo with a touch screen on it. Sources at Bloomberg say the device will have updated speakers and a tilt-able 7-inch screen.
A case in the European Court of Justice is challenging how Uber operates within the market, seeking to determine whether Uber is in fact a transportation company and thereby beholden to national rules around transport, or a technology company that simply acts as an intermediary, connecting drivers with passengers.
Electrolux is introducing a new service that’s like AirBNB, but for washing clothes.

–Stephen Hackett from 512pixels dives into his vast collection of Apple products and compares them against the same products found inside Apple’s new $300 coffee table book.

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