Republican Rep. Brian Babin said Wednesday that flood waters from Hurricane Harvey have “trapped” him and his family inside their southeast Texas home.

“I am absolutely trapped in my house,” Babin told CNN. “I don’t have a way to get out until we have flood waters recede here.”

He added one of his children and his grandchildren were there with him.

The congressmen said the doors to his Tyler County home — near Houston, where much of the flooding and rescue operations are still occurring — are blocked by overflow from a nearby creek.

“We could not get out unless a helicopter plucks me out of here or I get in my boat and launch it,” Babin said, as reported by The Hill newspaper. “But we’re fine, these waters are going to recede hopefully sometime this evening, and we’re doing well.”

Harvey, now a tropical storm, hit the Texas Gulf Coast late Friday as a Category 4 hurricane. The storm has now moved into neighboring Louisiana, after dropping record-setting rain on Texas — flooding roads, homes and resulting in hundreds of rescues. The damage is estimated to be into the billions. At least 30 people have reportedly died as a result of the storm.

“I’m from this part of the country. I have seen many tornadoes, and hurricanes, and flood events. Never have I seen one like this,” said Babin, who also tweeted the mandatory evacuation Monday for his county.