By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 303 9.29.17)

Good news on North Korea and the tensions with the U.S. over its nuclear ambitions. China is ordering North Korean businesses to close because of the latest U.N. sanctions pushed by the U.S.  This is way above and beyond what was required and is a positive sign that China is ramping up the pressure to get North Korea to back down.  This will hurt the flow of currency going into North Korea from China.

The NFL is supporting its players in taking a knee during the national anthem before the games to protest police brutality. The majority of fans are outraged and are burning jerseys and season tickets because they think it’s a political stunt.  If this keeps up, it will trickle down to the NFL sponsors, and it could turn into a flood of negative sales.  Catherine Austin Fitts says this is a distraction to keep the public from waking up to the massive fraud going on with the federal government’s budget.  She contends that $21 trillion, yes, $21 trillion is missing, and “We the People” are basically being robbed.  She is the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

Fed Head Janet Yellen says it is no “mystery” at all why inflation is so low. Now, she says the Fed got it wrong on inflation and employment.  The economy is weaker than they thought.

This means the Fed will continue its easy money policies and not raise interest rates anytime soon. Inflation and weak U.S. dollar here we come.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Catherine Austin Fitts, President of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  Fitts will explain how the federal budget cannot account for $21 trillion dollars and that is just HUD and DOD. You will not want to miss this.  “We the People” are being robbed.