When asked about his thoughts on the Nokia brand and the 3310 comeback, EE’s CEO said there was definitely a role for the brand in today’s market.

“(Nokia) is a well-known brand, they have a lot of credibility, a lot of customers have a good nostalgia for that brand and I think there’s a place for them at the table, definitely.”

For EE itself, the network operator is at the conference to explore new network technologies that can help rollout its network faster to customers in the U.K., and make customer experience better as new technologies evolve.

“We have a huge focus on ensuring we maintain our network leadership position,” Allera told CNBC.

“In the U.K. we have a network now that is building out to 95 percent geographic coverage of the U.K., so pretty much ubiquitous coverage up and down the country and we focus on geographic coverage first and foremost.”

“So that means customers can use their network wherever they go and I think in a connected world that becomes really important for us.”

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