A brand new Ten Commandments monument, on the grounds of the Arkansas state Capitol, was destroyed less than 24 hours after it was installed. 

Capitol police have one suspect in custody and have not yet released a name or motive.

The monument was privately funded and put in Tuesday morning on the southwest lawn of the Capitol. There was little fanfare or advance notice. 

A 2015 law permitted the monument to be on state grounds, however, it wasn’t until last month that a state panel gave final approval for the design and location.

The suspect allegeldy drove his vehicle into the monument, while filming it all on his cell phone. The monument fell to the ground and is now broken into multiple pieces. 



Approval of the monument sparked a push by the Satanic Temple for a competing statue, but lawmakers passed a bill this spring adding extra hurdles to the path of any attempts on their behalf. 

Similiar efforts to display a monument of the Ten Commandments in Kentucky have been struck down.