I have a love-hate relationship with wireless headphones. The idea is incredibly appealing, but the added complication of charging multiplied by the notoriously finicky Bluetooth tech still has me clinging to my rats’ nest of cords like a fogie who won’t give up his horse-drawn carriage.

So, when the Sennheiser HD1 wireless over-ear headphones landed on my desk, I was hopeful. It’d been a while since I had given a pair of wireless cans a chance, so I reset my expectations and wound up pleasantly surprised.

These headphones are a tweaked version of Sennheiser’s previous Momentum Wireless model. They’re built from premium materials and feature a retro design that’s comfortable as heck. My sensitive noggin appreciated the mindblowingly-soft leather on the ear cups as soon as I donned them—if I had a lounge chair made of this leather, I’d crawl into it and never get up for the rest of my life.

For traveling, the HD1s fold up neatly. Sennheiser includes a neoprene zip case as well as a drawstring pouch, so it’s easy to protect your headphones, no extra purchases necessary. Also included in the box is a micro USB cable for charging, and a stereo jack for wired use. Listening on and off for a few days made me confident in Sennheiser’s 20-hour battery life estimate—I was able to get three days’ worth of mixed play on a charge.