Former champions Renault have increased their staff at the Enstone factory by 20 percent since they bought the failing Lotus team at the end of 2015 and have said they expect to have some 650 employees there by the end of this year.

Abiteboul said the transfer of goods was less of a concern since the Formula One engines were only leased to teams and not sold.

“When it comes to contingency plans…we don’t really have a plan as we are building new buildings in Enstone in the UK, we don’t really have a plan to move that we are currently building somewhere else,” he said.

“We are still assuming that people will be reasonable and we trust the UK to protect their industry and motorsport is an important industry for the UK.”

The French manufacturer also supplies British-based Red Bull and their Italian-based sister team Toro Rosso.

Champions Mercedes have their main engine and chassis factories in England, while Honda currently supply only British-based McLaren, although Swiss team Sauber will become additional partners next year.

Ferrari are the only European-based team who make their own car and engine, with all operations based in Maranello.

Formula One, whose commercial rights are now owned by U.S.-based Liberty Media, also has its commercial operations headquartered in London.

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