Apol Landsang was on her way to a Bible study when she nearly lost her life. 

“I should have died. I should have died. I can’t believe I survived. And I asked the question: Why did I survive?” the 25-year-old nurse told KTVU. 

Lansangs’s car was literally ripped in two after a horrific collision on Santa Rosa, California’s highway 1101. 

She barely had time to react when a silver SUV traveling in the opposite direction suddenly drifted into her lane. 

“All I did was think fast, think quick. I turned my wheel to the left to try and get out of the way, but he was coming too fast,” she said.
All Lansang could do was brace for a head-on collision that sent her car spinning. 

Watch the crash aftermath Below

Miraculously, she only suffered bruises on her hip that should heal in the next few weeks. 

The driver of the other car is also on the road to recovery after being thrown from his vehicle. 

He was later arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and for possession of marijuana. 

Lansang sees this accident as a defining moment in her life. 

“There’s a reason I’m still alive. I need to use my life wisely and for helping others,” she said.