South African Colleges like the University of Cape Town and the University of Witwatersrand are widely celebrated as the best schools in Africa.

The University of Cape Town uses a fee structure in which students pay tuition fees for every course they take. These tuition fees vary from course to course.

The University of the Witwatersrand (known as Wits), is one of South Africa’s most expensive universities. The Guardian reports that tuition fees at Wits are as high as 60,000 Rands (roughly $4,509) a year depending on the field of study.

South African students have long advocated more affordable education. In 2015, when Wits suggested a 10.5 percent fee increase, students protested. Similar protests continue today.

Adam Habib, the President of Witwatersrand, argues that the anger expressed by South African students is likely to appear across the globe. He told The Atlantic, “South Africa is not unique. It’s just the most acute manifestation of a global conflict that’s emerging.”

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