On Monday, Buffett reiterated that he has confidence in Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan after a slew of negative news surrounding the bank’s fake accounts scandal.

Buffett said it seems like Wells has gotten “all the cockroaches out of the kitchen” but wasn’t completely sure.

Cramer said it didn’t sound like Buffett was super confident.

“This was not the kind of thing which made me say, ‘I feel great about Wells,'” Cramer said. “It made me say, ‘You know what, they’ll get through it.’ And that’s not the kind of endorsement that I’d like to hear from someone who’s the largest shareholder.”

Berkshire holds a 9.3 percent stake in Wells Fargo.

Berkshire slightly reduced its holdings in the bank to about 458 million shares at the end of 2017, according to the latest quarterly government filing out earlier this month.

The Wells Fargo stake was worth $27 billion as of Friday’s close.