For former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, the most important thing in life isn’t football – it’s faith and family.

During his NFL Hall of Fame induction speech earlier this month, the 46-year-old outspoken Christian didn’t hold back about his faith, and used his moment back in the spotlight to give God glory.

“His final moment was for me, my final moment is for Him. Thank you, Jesus!” he said in front of the audience earlier this summer.

It’s not the first time Warner has boldly professed his faith.

“Thanks, God, for taking me on this path,” he told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM after being voted into the hall.

He openly acknowledged God has guided him.

“Thank you that you chose me for this, because no one will ever have a story like mine. No one will ever take the path that I did to end up in the Hall of Fame,” he said.

Before he got his big break to play in the NFL, Warner stocked shelves in a grocery store.

“It was just about the journey God had taken me on,” he told CBN News. “…Success isn’t defined by whether you have more points than the other guy. That’s not how God defines it.”

Warner also talked about the importance of family and being a good parent.

“I’ve come to appreciate that the greatest gift any parent could give their child is saying ‘yes,’” he said.

One of the most touching moments of the delivery was when Warner paid tribute to his father, who was in the audience.

“Thank you for all the times you said yes,” he said to his father. “Because your yes’s fanned my spark into flame, and your yes’s kept me going when everyone else was saying no.”

“I love you.”