More BBL games will be scheduled in 2017-18 © Cricket Australia

The Big Bash League will expand from next summer, with eight extra matches added to the competition. Although the league has no immediate plans increase the number of teams, each of the existing sides will gain an extra home game next season, bringing the total number of BBL matches up from 35 to 43.

“We’re always looking at opportunities to grow the game and expand our fan base beyond traditional markets and demographics,” Anthony Everard, the head of the BBL, said. “The scheduling of the additional eight matches in a manner that complements the existing regular season fixture is aimed at encouraging more people to pick up a bat and ball and give cricket a go.

“This expansion is designed to drive Cricket Australia’s strategy to ultimately continue to be Australia’s favourite sport and a sport for all Australians. We haven’t yet finalised the locations of these additional matches yet, but we are working closely with clubs to explore options.

“A state-by-state approach will be taken to determine the most appropriate location to host this additional fixture, taking into account aspects including existing contractual obligations, participation and fan growth opportunities, and venue infrastructure.

“The opportunity to expand matches into non-traditional markets is not just limited to the men’s game. We are working to see how we can also schedule Women’s Big Bash League matches in these new venues, once they are finalised.”

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