Yet another field that’s, unsurprisingly, closely related to Israel’s military development. The country is by far the largest exporter of military drones. It’s estimated that Israel has sold over 60 percent of all what are officially called unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, between 1985 and 2015. It has established firms such as IAI, Elbit and Rafael but the field is also teeming with start-ups that are increasingly oriented toward the civilian UAV market, which has taken off over the last few years. Airobotics, for example, has just received the country’s first permission to operate a fully automated payload carrying drone. Others, such as Flytrex, have successfully been marketing small piloted drones for several years now. The CEO of Flytrex, Yariv Bash, also heads SpaceIL, the Israeli participant in Google’s Lunar Xprize that seeks to land a vehicle on the moon. Satellites is another market, with Israeli-Swiss start-up SpacePharma earlier this year launching its first nano-satellite to conduct biochemical experiments in space.