President Donald Trump will inspect the border-wall prototypes in mid-March, according to the Washington Post.

The timing may put the President at the California test site as Democrats consider whether to block the 2018 budget to halt $1.6 billion in wall-construction funds. The funds have appropriated by House and Senate committees, but have not approved by Senate. The 2018 funding plan is scheduled for congressional approval by March 23.

According to the Washington Post:

The president, who has rarely crossed the Mississippi River during his first 13 months in office, is scheduled to visit California in mid-March to see prototypes for a potential border wall and learn more about the construction, according to administration officials involved in the planning …

Eight border wall prototypes are on display in a dusty lot near the border east of San Diego. The 30-foot-tall barriers use varying configurations of steel, concrete — even spikes — to create ramparts far more formidable than almost anything in place along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. Tests conducted by the Department of Homeland Security have found the prototypes are nearly impossible to climb or break through …

The Trump administration is seeking $18 billion for border wall construction over the next 10 years, an amount that would pay for roughly 300 miles of new barriers where none currently exist and allow the government to replace another 400 miles of older “legacy” fencing.

President Donald Trump hinted during a cabinet meeting that he might be visiting the wall prototypes on the southern border.

The trip would also include at least one fund-raiser in California and will likely encourage protests by far-left, anti-border groups.

Top Democrats oppose the improvement of the nation’s existing border wall. They also oppose the legal reforms that Trump says are needed to plug up the legal loopholes which allow hundreds of thousands of migrants to get into the United States to plead for asylum.