Despite Trump’s announcement drawing criticism from many, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, chairman and CEO of energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric, remained upbeat.

“I spend a lot of time in the U.S., which is our largest market,” he said.

“I don’t think it will change momentum in the direction of sustainability,” he went on to state.

“When you meet cities, when you meet companies today, when you meet the states where a lot of those decisions have been made, people are committed to reduce carbon emissions.”

The world, Tricoire went on to explain, was changing, with the economic argument clear. “It’s a question of business, it’s a question of competitiveness,” he said.

“If you’re a city and you want to be attractive on the global scale, you have to be (a) green city, there is no other option. If you are a company, if you can run your process, manufacture your product, with a carbon footprint which is half or one third of your competitor, then you will win, so it’s a question of good economic sense.”