An anonymous homeless man is being called a hero for donating $10,000 to a shelter just to make sure his friends are taken care of. 

The large donation came out of the man’s residential school settlement money and will be used to fund the Shelter House’s Street Outreach Services program in Ontario, Canada. 

When the man shocked everyone when he took the check to the shelter’s office. 

“I actually thought I had misread the cheque… I was floored. The support worker actually had tears in her eyes!” said Alexandra Calderon, the shelter’s development officer. 

Calderon tried to refuse the check, thinking the homeless man needed it more. 

He insisted and said he just wanted to make sure his friends were safe. 

“He has a personal relationship with a lot of his friends who live at the shelter or who live at our managed alcohol program so he wanted to make sure that there was someone that they could call when they needed help,” Calderon said. 

Shelter House has been working to raise money since March. 

Now, they are half way to reaching their goal of $200,000.