A Texas rescue team saved the life of a 3-year-old who clutched her mother’s lifeless body, as the floodwaters rose around her.

The responders spotted little Jordyn Grace from their Zodiac boat when they noticed a pink backpack she was wearing. They reached her and quickly pulled her and her mother, Collette Sulcer, aboard.

There are multiple reports that the little girl told family members, “Mama was saying her prayers.”

A relative named Antionette Logan to reporters, “It’s a tragedy that her mama died, but it’s a miracle that Jordyn survived.”

Beaumont police say Sulcer was driving with her young daughter when the got stranded by high waters. They managed to exit the vehicle, but were still trapped by floods.

Collette Sulcer was also a nurse. Her family described her as a dedicated nurse who entered the profession after the death of her who mother, who was also a nurse.

In a Facebook post, she declares herself a follower of Jesus Christ.