It’s almost a certain that Apple will reveal its new iOS 11 operating system ahead of its new iPhone launch later this fall. The tech giant typically unveils the fresh version of iOS during WWDC and then runs it through developer testing to around September when it pushes it out for everyone to use. Little is known about what Apple will include in iOS 11, but we’re hoping to see improvements to Siri, which has started to lag behind competitors like Google Assistant and even Amazon Alexa.

Apple will also likely unveil the next version of macOS. The current version, macOS Sierra, was introduced last year when Apple officially departed from the “OS X” moniker for its operating system. Again, like iOS 11, we’re not quite sure what to expect in terms of new features just yet. I hope to at least see Siri play an even deeper role in the desktop operating system, too, with more new controls that could make it easier to manage your Mac with voice.

Those two, the iOS and macOS updates, are the safest bets. Now let’s talk a bit about hardware, which may or may not happen.