A graphic video released by New York City’s Police Department shows a man lunging at officers with a pair of knives after they knocked on his door during a suicide response call.

The tense encounter on Oct. 22 ended when Paris Cummings, 27, was shot in the leg by one of the cops, following repeated demands to drop the knives.

“Put the knife down!” Alvin Pizarro, an 11-year veteran officer, is heard yelling before a gunshot erupts in the hallway of Cummings’ Manhattan apartment building. The bodycam footage was released Monday.

Police say they were responding to a call for a male who had attempted suicide and that Cummings may have been trying to kill himself by committing “suicide by cop,” according to the New York Daily News. He faces an attempted murder charge.

“When he was shot, he didn’t scream. There was nothing,” Cheryl Hayes, a neighbor, told the newspaper.

Cummings suffered a non-fatal leg injury and received medical treatment from the officers as they awaited an ambulance, police said.

Sources also told the New York Daily News that Cummings had self-inflicted stab wounds to the stomach and neck.

Both knives were recovered from the scene and the incident is reported to be the third New York City police-involved shooting captured on the devices during the last three months.