Even the wind and the waves from Hurricane Harvey could not stop one Texas family from baptizing their son. 

“No matter what the weather, we know that God’s going to help him get baptized,” Jessica Garcia told CBC TV before Harvey came rolling in Saturday.

Garcia, her husband, their young daughter, and Jacob, their baby boy, went to church in their Sunday best, unbothered by the storm that was coming. 

They chose Mission San Francisco de la Espada as the place where their son would be baptized. Mission Espada is a Roman Rite Catholic mission established in 1690. 

“I know God will help us get through this day, through this hurricane,” Garcia said, as she and her family entered the church. 

Harvey unleashed havoc across southeast Texas with devastating floods pouring into the nation’s fourth-largest city Sunday. 

The storm chased thousands of people out of their home and claimed at least two lives. 

Volunteers and emergency teams are still pulling people from their homes 

The storm has left many nearby roads and major highways impassable. The American Red Cross has been expanding the shelter by the hour while volunteers hand out towels, serve food and set up tables with donated clothes.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott  is activating the entire Texas National Guard for search and rescue efforts, bringing the total deployment to roughly 12,000. 

Abbott said Monday that it’s “imperative we do everything possible” to protect lives.