Heavy rain after a recent typhoon left a 93-year-old man dead and flooded many houses in southwestern Japan, forcing thousands of people to flee, authorities said Wednesday.

Police said the man’s body was found washed up. They believe he was swept away in flooding in Asakita, Hiroshima prefecture.

Japan Heavy Rain

The rain left heavy damage in the area in Masuda in western Japan’s Shimane prefecture. (Shin Tomioka/Kyodo News via AP)

Heavy rain continued in southern Japan late Wednesday, causing more flooding and threatening to trigger landslides in Fukuoka and Oita prefectures.

The flooding has forced almost 400,000 people out of their homes, most of them in Fukuoka prefecture, public broadcaster NHK said on Wednesday.

Television footage showed muddy water in a swollen river in Fukuoka that was close to overflowing. Some rivers had already overflowed in nearby Oita, Ryutaro Fukui, a crisis management official in the city of Hita, told public broadcaster NHK.


Roads were left flooded in Hita in Oita Prefecture. (Kyodo/via/Reuters)

Japan’s meteorological agency said Fukuoka and Oita were experiencing unprecedented amounts of rain that would continue through Thursday morning.

“Rivers are bursting their banks and there are landslides,” chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters.

Typhoon Nanmadol swept across Japan earlier this week, dumping heavy rains and flooding parts of the country.