Conservative author Ann Coulter had a bone to pick with Delta Air Lines on Saturday, after she said the airline moved her from a pre-booked, “extra room” seat.

She railed against the company on Twitter, calling Delta the “worst airline in America,” and complained that it had given her seat to someone who was neither old, a child, sick, nor an “air marshall (sic) or tall person.” Coulter shared photos of the passenger who was given the seat she had booked, and that of a flight attendant, with her approximately 1.6 million followers.

The Washington Post reported that a Delta spokesman said Coulter was reassigned from an aisle to a window seat on the same exit row, with extra leg room on the New York-to-Florida flight. The spokesman also told the Post the airline would reach out to Coulter about her concerns.

CNBC reached out to Delta for comment outside of office hours, but did not immediately hear back.

On Sunday evening, Delta responded to Coulter on Twitter and said it will refund the $30 she had paid for the preferred seat. The airline also called her tweets “about our other customers and employees” unacceptable and unnecessary. Coulter also tweeted that she was still waiting for an explanation.

Coulter had alluded to Delta employees being rough, tweeting: “.@Delta employee questionnaire: What is your idea job: Prison guard? Animal handler? Stasi policeman? All of the above: HIRED!” She also accused them of “summarily snatching my ticket from my hand & ordering me to move w/o explanation, compensation or apology.”

Previously, when United Airlines drew criticisms for the rough-handling of a passenger and carrying him off the aircraft, Coulter was seemingly unsympathetic. She tweeted: