Bailey Rae is headlining the first evening of the Singapore International Jazz Festival, or Sing Jazz, today. It’s not the musician’s first time in Singapore either. Her first gig in the city-state was in 2010, following the release of her second album “The Sea.”

“I play in Asia all the time … I go to South Korea a lot, I’m going to Japan after this. I’ve been to Singapore before. I love it here, I very much enjoy spending time in Asia,” Bailey Rae said.

“The jazz scene in Asia is really exciting. For me, the main thing is that it attracts so many young people,” she said, pointing out how most of the concert-goers at a jazz festival she attended in Shanghai were in their twenties.

The singer-songwriter, who is also scheduled to meet with aspiring musicians to talk about pursuing as a career, said that she felt jazz was an important channel for young people to express and find themselves in the world.

“It’s going to be really exciting to see lots of new talent,” Bailey Rae said.