Asked about the EU’s stance that the two sides should first make progress on citizens’ rights, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and a financial settlement before starting discussions on a future relationship, Davis said the sequencing was “illogical”.

“How on earth do you resolve the issue of the border with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland unless you know what our general borders policy is, what the customs agreement is, what the free trade agreement is, whether you need to charge tariffs at the border or not?” he asked on Britain’s ITV.

“You can’t decide one without the other, it’s wholly illogical … That will be the row of the summer.”

He also said Britain was ready to argue against allowing the European Court of Justice to oversee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain after the country left the bloc.

“There will be arguments over fine detail … like whether the European Court of Justice oversees these rights after we’ve left,” Davis said. “We’ll have an argument about that … The simple truth is that we are leaving, we are going to be outside the reach of the European court.”