CLEVELAND – Pro-life groups are countering a group of controversial pro-abortion billboards in Ohio with their own pro-life billboards.

They’re part of a campaign called What Abortion Really Is headed up by Coalition for Life Cleveland and the Washington D.C.- based Radiance Foundation.

“We needed to tell the public the truth about what abortion really is,” the foundation’s Ryan Bomberger told CBN News.

That meant rebutting the Cleveland-area pro-abortion billboards and advertising campaign.  

Bomberger explained the billboards display messages like “‘Abortion is Sacred,’ ‘Abortion is a Blessing,’ ‘Abortion is Necessary’ —  all these insane claims.”

Preterm, what Bomberger labels “Ohio’s largest abortion facility,” also waged it’s “Abortion is…” campaign online where it states “Abortion is a normal and necessary part of people’s lives.”

Preterm apparently had no problems getting an advertising company to put up Preterm’s billboards. That wasn’t the case for the pro-life groups. CBN News asked Bomberger which of the pro-life billboarded messages he liked best.  

“Our favorite ones were the ones that Lamar Advertising executives refused to allow us to put up,” he replied. “For instance, ‘Abortion is Systemic Racism.'”

African-Americans make up 12 percent of Ohio’s population, but 44 percent of the 20,672 unborn babies slain by abortion in Ohio in 2016 were African-American.  The percentages are much the same for all of the U.S.

“Planned Parenthood was birthed in eugenic racism,” Bomberger pointed out.  

“African Americans have been in the crosshairs of slave masters, segregationists and eugenicists since the first day we were brought to this country,” The Restoration Project’s Catherine Davis said in a statement, 

One of the pro-choice billboards says “Abortion is Health Care,” but the advertising company wouldn’t put up the pro-lifers’ billboard that would have said, “Abortion is Not Health Care.”

“They allowed Preterm to make any subjective statement they wanted to with no kind of substantiation,” Bomberger complained. “Yet every single one of our phrases for our billboards has thorough documentation to prove the historical accuracy for it.”

“Abortion is Exploitation” was also one of the six pro-life messages nixed.

Bomberger spoke about another billboard the advertisers wouldn’t do: “Abortion is Violence.”  “What else do you call the dismemberment of a human being?” he asked. 

He told CBN News another favorite billboard among the pro-life groups sponsoring this campaign is “Abortion is Fake Feminism.”   

He suggested the abortion industry is largely male-dominated and these mostly male abortionists are killing hundreds of thousands of female babies every year.