Bishop T.D. Jakes just turned 60, and this birthday was one he won’t soon forget. 

On Sunday, his birthday, Jakes was given his dream car: a ’60s Trans Am. Fred Hammond, a gospel music producer and singer-songwriter, and his brother Ray Hammond presented it to him on stage at Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas.

In a video played to the Potter’s House congregation just before the car was shown, Fred Hammond said “Bishop, I remember hearing vaguely about you preaching about a favorite car you used to have. It got wrecked or something happened to it and you didn’t have it anymore.”

“I remember that you said you and your brother would race up and down the road. He had a certain car and you had a certain car. We went looking for that car.”

The Hammonds found the car in a junkyard, and began restoring it in September 2016. They received numerous donations during the project, according to the Christian Post. 

“We had people working hard to make sure that you could have something from us,” Hammond told Jakes on stage during the presentation.

For Fred Hammond, it also symbolically represents the relationship he and his brother have with the popular pastor.

“When we started doing this job it was all rusted. It was piled up with garbage and we said, ‘Pull it. We’re going to make something different.’ You know why?” he asked him. “Because our life would have been a wreck and this is what you do to us. Bishop, I came down here a wreck and you let me sit here and get healed.” 

He considers Jakes an important leader in his life. In a tweet in November 2016, he told Jakes “I’m a better man because of you.” 

Hammond’s heartfelt gratefulness embodies the deep impact Bishop T.D. Jakes’ ministry has had on so many others.