WASHINGTON – A conference called “Watchmen on the Wall” kicked off in Washington, D.C., this week with the goal of lifting up and strengthening pastors and spiritual leaders.

The sponsors at the Family Research Council say the conference is based on Isaiah 62, verse 6, which talks of posting watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem.

“This is a great time pastors to get refreshed and to know that you’re not by yourself. You’re not alone in the fight,” said Dolores Barton, who is starting ministry a in Missouri.  
“Right now, the biggest threat to faith is not having a biblical world view and have answers to questions,” said Dr. Jerry Keene, a Christian school administrator in California.

The three-day “Watchmen on the Wall” conference aims to answer those questions by offering a Christian perspective on a variety of issues and advice from speakers.
“To get pastors to actually shepherd the people and to become watchmen, to warn people of evil and its approach,” said James Robison of Life Outreach International.
“I believe that we have to stand up and we have to let our voices be heard. But here is the key: We can’t be like a ramping mob – that’s not what were called to be as ambassadors for Christ,” Fox News’ Todd Starnes admonished.

For Emmy-nominated comedian Chonda Pierce, humor is the key.
“I’ve learned as a comedian, if you can get someone to laugh and open up and be joyful and have that moment of levity, you’ve opened their heart and therefore you can leave a greater message,” she explained.

That message is a call to recruit, educate and inspire religious leaders to share God’s word back home.