Ahead of Trump’s decision to establish the tariffs into law, Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council announced he was leaving his post. The Wall Street veteran was seen as a voice of reason in the White House and a known opponent to the global duties.

Capital Alpha’s Lucier said an overhaul of U.S. trade policy had long been an issue lawmakers on Capitol Hill wanted to confront, though it had taken Trump’s threat to impose global duties to force the issue to the top of the agenda.

“Trade had been on the backburner, Trump is forcing it on the front-burner. The question is with this disruption can we figure out a way to unite with our trading partners and come up with a positive strategy that actually works?

“I think it is actually positive rather than negative even though it is certainly not a conventional approach to motivating people,” he said.

— CNBC’s Jeff Cox contributed to this report.