CBN’s Operation Blessing has been on the ground in Texas since before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

Now, the organization is working in several communities across southern Texas including the town of Taft.
“We have a semi-truck that’s arriving tomorrow to help that community,” Jody Gettys, Vice President, U.S. Disaster Relief & Programs, said. “They’re still without power without potable water. There’s a grocery store 20 minutes away from there but the shelves are empty and so Operation Blessing is moving into communities like that.”

OB was one of the first organizations to step up and donate to a mega-shelter in Dallas that is helping stranded families.
Nikkie Beneke is president of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster in Texas. 

“Most of the people left their homes with nothing. Just their clothing, their children, their pets and so when we ask them what they need the most it’s going to be what their children need the most and so we gave them the pack and plays that Operation Blessing has given to us,” she explained.

Operation Blessing is giving out food and water supplies from Dallas all the way to Rockport, Texas.

You can see the look of relief on people’s faces as they receive help.

But this disaster is far from over. The threat of a second hurricane looms as Harvey is expected to gain strength over the Gulf Coast.

Operation Blessing is asking for prayer and a donation to help them keep Texas strong. 

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to help the victims of Harvey’s devastating impact

“I had the honor of praying with about 4-5 residents,” Gettys said.  “Each one seemed strong, we prayed and each time I opened my eyes after we saying, ‘Amen’ their eyes were full of tears.”

“This/these moment(s) really pierced my heart because even though the damage is not as dramatic as Houston, they are trying to stay strong but struggling…I know these sweet residents would love your/our prayers,” she added.