Parents are stunned and furious over a video circulating they say shows two students involved in sexual activity inside a classroom at Cheltenham High School. 

“Anger was the first thing. What in the world is going on?” This parent says it was last week when his daughter, a middle school student, came home from classes upset and urging her parents not to send her to Cheltenham High School next school year.

“A video was sent to her of a sex act going on in a neighboring class and she didn’t want to be in that environment anymore,” he told FOX 29. 

His wife described the images. “This is the tape my daughter brought to my attention. She is down on her knees in the classroom performing oral sex. Very upsetting. Very upsetting.”

The dad says he drove to the high school trying to speak with administrators, but couldn’t find anyone. The mom claims she called high school administrators, leaving a detailed description of the images, but did not receive a return call.

“From what I am being told several parents called and did not receive a response,” the dad said.

The parents asked that we not identify them fearing trouble for their children. 

In a meeting with FOX 29 Tuesday afternoon, High School Principal Dr. Raymond McFall declined comment.

A spokesperson for the School District later called to say: “When we became aware of the video, we followed our proper procedures, and turned the matter over to the local police.”

He added, “We have not obtained or seen the video.”

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