Sony said on Tuesday it has sold 60.4 million PlayStation 4 games consoles since it launched just over three years ago, continuing momentum for one of the Japanese technology giant’s key products.

The figure is up 7 million units from the 53.4 million reported on January 5, the last time Sony publicly revealed sales numbers.

Sony also said that software sales, led by key games such as “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, hit 487.8 million copies.

While hardware sales are always crucial, recurring revenues via subscription models has become increasingly important for Sony to take advantage of its large install base. The company said that it had more than 70 million monthly active users globally at the end of March, while PlayStation Plus recorded 26.4 million paid subscribers.

PlayStation Plus is a $59.99 a year subscription service that allows users to play games online with other people as well as access a library of free games.

On top of the subscription model, Sony has jumped into the virtual reality (VR) space last year, launching the PlayStation VR headset and games. There was no word of the latest sales of that device in Sony’s latest release, but the company said last week that the figure was over 1 million units.