Samsung Connect is the South Korean giant’s offering and it’s an app that was unveiled at the S8 launch, allowing users to control a number of internet-connected devices.

“We think that the smartphone can be a gateway to all this ecosystem, it’s the one place you will be able to interact with all these things,” Ayme said.

Samsung of course is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of appliances from refrigerators to washing machines as well as TVs. These are increasingly becoming internet connected. Bringing the entire ecosystem of Samsung products together could put the company in a position it’s never been in before, analysts said.

“They are in a much better position than Apple, as Apple does not manufacture appliances. When it comes to connecting to other products, Samsung can start developing the roadmap of this category in line with the phone and Bixby,” Francisco Jeronimo, research director of mobile devices for Europe at IDC, told CNBC by phone.

“That is an ecosystem no other company in the world is as well-positioned as Samsung to lead.”

Of course, Samsung is up against the might of its rivals, particularly Google which has a trove of user data and information, and Amazon which has been the market leader for some time. Some analysts are skeptical about Samsung’s ability to standout.