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Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to speak in Russia on Friday, where he is expected to weigh in on topics from oil and Russia’s economy, to global growth and politics.

The president will be delivering an address at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), an annual business event in Russia where representatives of the business community come together to talk about economic issues facing Russia as well as across the world.

With Russia having come out of recession this year and the country trying to reduce its dependency on oil, Putin is likely to comment on how the country is faring in today’s economic environment, in light of current oil prices and sanctions. With the media coverage Russia has been receiving in relation to the current U.S. administration, politics and U.S. relations could be on the agenda as well.

The plenary session, which will be hosted by NBC News Anchor Megyn Kelly, will also include addresses from leading global figures including India’s Prime Minister, Austria’s Federal Chancellor, and the President of the Republic of Moldova.

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