But Jones added that there wasn’t enough political support to impeach the President and put an end to Trump’s presidency. “Impeachment is a political process, it’s not a legal process,” Jones noted. “All you need is a wave of opinion among particularly congressional Republicans that there’s a reason to move against this president. So far we haven’t seen that shift in opinion,” he said.

However, since then, Trump’s six-month presidency has shown signs of fraying, according to opinion polls. An ABC News poll showed on Sunday that his approval ratings are at their lowest level when compared to any president in office for six months, dating back 70 years.

According to Klaas, Trump is a “toxic political force” that doesn’t gather any support from those in the center and that cannot control his message to the public.

“His lawyers say ‘don’t tweet about something,’ he tweets about it two hours later. His team says it’s infrastructure week and he tweets about Hillary Clinton,” Klaas noticed, while adding: “The problem of this presidency is Donald Trump, it’s who he is.”

As a result of the scandals and the many messages from Trump, many policies seem to be going nowhere, according to Klaas.

“The health-care bill is stalled, there’s no momentum for tax reform and the infrastructure bill is not even being discussed,” Klaas noted.

A vote on Trump’s health-care bill is being delayed as between 8 to 10 senators claim “serious concerns” over the bill as well as due to the fact that Senator John McCain is recovering from surgery. The other two reform areas – tax cuts and big infrastructure spending – were two of Trump’s main campaign pledges.

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