Richard Preston Wilkerson Jr., Senior Pastor of Vous Church in Miami, says he and his wife are thanking God for their “miracle baby” after struggling with nearly a decade of infertility. 

The Wilkersons finally got to hold their bundle of joy January 23rd after battling infertility for eight long years. The “Friends of Sinners” author believes his son’s birth is proof of God’s faithfulness. 

“When it hurts like hell keep trusting that God can heal like heaven. This picture of my new born son gives me hope in the midst of turmoil,” he said in an Instagram post. 

Wilkerson, who is also known for marrying Kanye and Kim Kardashian West, says infertility drew him closer to Christ. 

“I learned so much about Jesus during that time,” he said. “We learned that we are complete with or without a child. I’m just grateful that God decided to grant us this blessing.”

“I think people think, ‘Oh, if I could just get pregnant, I’d be happy.’ That’s just not the truth. Whatever season you’re in, you can learn and grow and improve,” he explained. “Discover who Jesus is and find full satisfaction in Him.”

The pastor warns those who struggle with infertility to not give into the temptation of isolation.

“I would encourage those going through infertility to talk to someone about it as well,” he explained.. “People deal with shame and thinking they’re inadequate, and if you harbor those thoughts and feelings they begin to fester. I think it’s important to talk to someone. Know you’re not alone.”

While Wilkerson says the years of infertility were painful, he says his son was “worth the wait.”