The average American adult consumes a lot of media. According to a Nielsen report, it’s more than 11 hours a day, whether that’s online, mobile, or TV. By age 17, the average child will have consumed 65,000 hours of media, compared to about 11,000 hours that the child will spend in school.

That’s why Greg Gudorf, CEO of Pure Flix Digital, is committed to building a company that provides faith and family programming via a streaming and on-demand video service. offers thousands of movies and TV shows that are safe for family viewing. In an exclusive interview with The Christian Post, Gudorf, who spent 30 years in the technology field, said, “When I was in technology, the comments I heard were, ‘wow, you made the battery last longer, nice job!’ What I heard from Pure Flix customers was, ‘Finally, I can watch TV with my kids without having to have my hand on the mute button.'”

Gudorf believes TV shows and movies can be entertaining and inspirational without all the sex, violence and inappropriate language that comes with most on-demand services. 

“Our role now is to make content available that speaks in a positive, uplifting and even inspirational manner,” Gudorf said.

And with the amount of media currently consumed by both adults and children, parents have the extra responsibility to shield their kids from harmful programming.

“Parents who choose Christian entertainment are protecting the minds and hearts of their children. We can choose to either rail against what the mainstream media puts out and go with nothing, or we can rail against it and find something positive. That’s what Pure Flix is trying to offer,” Gudorf said.

Gudorf says Hollywood needs to recognize the groundswell of folks who want this kind of clean programming, and produce more of it. For its part, plans to launch seven original series this fall, including its newest sitcom, “Hitting the Breaks,” with big-name guest stars Rob Schneider, Gianna Simone and Carrot Top.