But he cautions against using data to target people in a creepy way, such as when an ad seems to follow someone around the internet after they’ve viewed a product online.

“If I can use data to give you something really useful, as and when you want it, then you say ‘that’s clever, how did they do that?’ and that is the thing that we are trying to focus on.”

Sexism in advertising

The ad industry should also expect an update on Unilever’s #Unstereotype initiative, which aims to tackle sexism in marketing, at June’s Cannes Lions advertising festival.

“There is still some toe curling advertising out there… and if we do poor quality advertising as an industry, people will switch off advertising.

“What I am trying to do is build our brands in the most engaging way. But what we’ve certainly learnt is if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. So if we only portray women in the kitchen holding up packaging as nothing more than a display for products, rather than the complete diverse characteristics of either gender, I think it is very much harder for people to see what they can be.”

Weed would not comment on speculation that the business is considering selling Flora margarine as part of its strategic review.

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