It seems like everyone these days has a multi-room speaker system – the latest entrant is Marshall, the amp maker that brought its signature style to portable consumer speakers in recent years. The speaker maker is introducing three new models today, each of which packs Wi-Fi connectivity and multi-room capabilities.

The Acton, Stanmore and Woburn multi-room models go up in size from compact to quite large, and each resembles the classic vintage Marshall amp styling that the company is known for. The Acton is $350, the Stanmore is $450 and the Woburn is $600, and features two 5.25-inch woofers along with 110 watts of output power.

Each of these speakers support Chromecast out of the box, as well as Spotify Connect and AirPlay so you’re covered regardless of which devices or music service you want to use. That means you can add them to an existing Chromecast-based multi-room audio setup, too, which is great news for anyone already working with Google Home or Chromecast hardware.

  1. Marshall_Big_Stage copy_highres

  2. Marshall_Acton_MR_Black_0069_arm_highres

  3. Marshall_Acton_MR_Black_0102_highres

  4. Marshall_Acton_MR_Black_0309_arm_2_WiFi_highres

  5. Marshall_Stanmore_MR_Black_2204_Display_highres

  6. Marshall_Acton_MR_Black_0309_Aux_highres

  7. Marshall_Acton_MR_Black_1105_Display_highres

  8. Marshall_Acton_MR_Black-Cream_0139_arm_left_highres

  9. Marshall_MR_Family_Black_2216_Display_highres

  10. Marshall_MR_Family_Black_2294_arm_highres

  11. Marshall_MR_Cream_2070_highres

  12. Marshall_MR_Family_Black_2284_highres

  13. Marshall_MR_Family_Black-Cream_2321_highres

  14. Marshall_MR_Family_Cream_2266_highres

  15. Marshall_MR_Cream_2095_highres

  16. Marshall_Woburn_MR_Black_0873_highres

  17. Marshall_Woburn_MR_Black-Cream_2049_Display_highres

  18. Marshall_Woburn_MR_Black-Cream_2049_highres

  19. Marshall_Woburn_MR_Cream_2277_highres

You can also set up Marshall’s own Multi-Room connectivity via the Marshall Multi-Room app (perfectly named), which houses settings for audio EQ, LED lighting, and more as well. Presets correspond to dial options on the speakers themselves, which allow you to set immediate access to streaming of favorite (or hated, I’m not here to judge) artists, playlists and albums.

Many speaker makers now offer similar systems, including Sony, Brookstone and more, but Marshall’s distinct style is likely to be an added draw for some. The Marshall Wireless Multi-Room lineup is up for pre-order starting September 1, and will go on sale in stores on September 27.