In a stunning act of generosity during Memorial Day weekend, Glendale, Missouri resident Josh Rainey gave up his plane ticket so an Army soldier could get home.

Rainey saw Keaton Tilson, a soldier in the Army, trying to get a ticket in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Rainey gave Tilson his own ticket so the soldier could get home, and then proceeded to pay nearly $350 to buy a replacement for himself.

Tilson’s mother thanked Rainey publicly. She said she’d talked to her son on the phone about his predicament, and that “He called back a few minutes later all choked up and said, ‘Somebody just bought my ticket.'”

Tilson, only 19, had not been home since Christmas. He’d been given permission to leave on a last-minute notice. He had been on stand-by for a seat for two days.

Normally, Memorial Day weekend is a time people set aside to honor and show thanks for the United States Armed Forces.

Rainey embodied this gratitude, going above and beyond what was expected to honor a member of the armed forces.