When King asked the LinkedIn chief executive whether there is a difference in leadership and management, Weiner immediately said “yes.”

Meanwhile, he defines a manager as someone who will tell you what to do, while a leader inspires you to do it. According to Weiner, that inspiration is derived from these three things:

  1. The clarity of your vision
  2. The courage of your conviction
  3. The ability to effectively communicate those two things

“You need managers, but you also need leaders,” Weiner says. “You need people who can inspire. You need people who say, ‘that’s the mountain that were going to climb together and this is the reason we’re going to climb it together and this is why it’s never been done and this is why we’re gong to be successful.'”

Weiner also says just having a vision for your team is not enough.

“True vision is rare in and of itself,” he says, “[and] what is really rare are those other two ingredients in combination with the vision.”