Daenerys’s team masterfully implements the show-don’t-tell presentation. This isn’t “death by PowerPoint,” though; it’s a compelling 3D spectacle, never short of visual aids or emotional appeal. The Hound sets loose the captured wight, which rushes straight towards Cersei. The queen clutches at the arms of her chair in fear.

In this moment, Jon and Daenerys achieve something they had struggled with earlier this season when they first met on Dragonstone: They connect with their counterpart. They make an impact. And that’s crucial.

In any negotiation, “you need to connect,” says personal finance expert Ramit Sethi.

Just when the wight is about to pounce on Cersei, the Hound yanks it back and chops it in half, which only slows it down. The team offers a full-on tutorial on how to kill what is already dead. “We can destroy them by burning them,” says Jon. “And we can destroy them with dragon glass.”

Even Qyburn, Cersei’s mad scientist, looks impressed. And it’s safe to assume he’s just about seen it all.

Jon concludes with a resounding, memorable kicker: “There’s only one war that matters. The great war.”