SPRINGFIELD, Va. – A number of pro-life groups and 13 Illinois state lawmakers are asking a judge to stop a new law that could give thousands of taxpayer-funded abortions to state residents starting in January.

“This emergency injunction would stop a New Year’s Day implementation of this law, under which Illinois taxpayers would be forced to pay for 20,000 to 30,000 or more abortions per year,” said state Rep. Peter Breen, a special counsel for the pro-life Thomas More Society.

Illinois is so far in debt it’s often seen as the most financially troubled state.

That led Breen to say, “Even apart from the sincere moral objections that many folks have to paying for abortions, there is no money in the Illinois state budget to pay for them.”

He estimates the abortions could cost the state $15 million to $30 million a year.

The plaintiffs seeking to stop the new law – HB 40 – warn it would make free abortions available to Medicaid recipients in the state.   They could get them through all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason they choose.

The plaintiffs will ask Sangamon County Associate Judge Jennifer Ascher at a Thursday hearing in Springfield, Illinois, for a temporary restraining order to stop HB 40 from becoming law next month.

For the Thomas More Society’s take on the bill, click here.

The Illinois legislators joining Rep. Breen in bringing the lawsuit include the following:
●       Rep. Mark Batinick, District 97
●       Rep. Jeanne Ives, District 42
●       Rep. Charlie Meier, District 108
●       Rep. Steve Reick, District 63
●       Rep. Barbara Wheeler, District 64
●       Rep. Keith Wheeler, District 50
●       Sen. Neil Anderson, District 36
●       Sen. Dale Fowler, District 59
●       Sen. Sam McCann, District 50
●       Sen. Kyle McCarter, District 54
●       Sen. Dan McConchie, District 26
●       Sen. Paul Schimpf, District 58
The pro-life groups involved are as follows:
●       Illinois Federation for Right to Life
●       Illinois Right to Life Action
●       Springfield Right to Life
●       Right to Life of Adams County, Inc.
●       Clinton County Citizens for Life
●       Henry County Right to Life, Inc.
●       Knox County Right to Life, NFP
●       Lake County Right to Life Committee, Inc.
●       Morgan County Right to Life, Inc., NFP
●       Faith and Freedom Family Ministry, NFP
●       Pro-Life Action League, Inc.
●       Diocese of Springfield In Illinois