The last effort to keep a human trafficking bill alive in the Florida state senate failed Friday night when the state house decided to remove a part of the proposed measure that would have created a fund for victims.
When it was left for the senate to consider changes to the measure, Republicans said the bill should be killed because the house “did not do the right thing.”
“Our friends in the House stripped that out in an attempt to say that they did something in the face of these women, all for political glory,” said state Sen. Rene Garcia (R).
The senate has already passed a trust fund bill.
The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Lauren Book (D), urged lawmakers to pass the measure anyway as she gestured to three trafficking victims sitting in the gallery watching the proceedings.
“They have to drive home because they can’t stay in hotels,” Book said.
As CBN News has reported, the bill would have allowed sex-trafficking victims to sue hotels for turning a blind eye to the crimes taking place on their property.
Not a single Florida lawmaker voted against the proposed measure as it went through committees.