Governments are not doing enough to protect themselves and their country from hackers and online threats, according to the head of an Israeli-based cybersecurity firm.

“They (governments) don’t see the same level of protection that they’re supposed to provide for citizens as they do on physical attacks,” argued Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point, on Thursday.

“Think about the effect when there is some kind of physical confrontation, they have armies and police and they will go out there and solve the problems, but actually today, governments do not have any cyber soldiers.”

There have been several recent, high-profile incidents of hacking. Last year, the Democratic National Congress (DNC) was hacked and thousands of emails were stolen and leaked to the public, causing damage to Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign. The U.S. Intelligence Community concluded that people with ties to the Russian government were the hackers.

Similarly, shortly before the end of the French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team revealed it had been hacked and their emails were stolen and leaked online.

Amnon suggests governments need to be more practical in order to deal with cyber threats. He added that the Macron team and the DNC acted way too late to deal with the hacks.