Heather Kerr, an 18-year-old aspiring actress in 1979, told reporters today that she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

​Kerr added her voice to a growing list of present and former entertainment industry workers who have come forward with similar stories of harassment and sexual assault by the movie mogul.

Kerr, then a television and stage actress, said Weinstein ruined her career ambition after he exposed himself to her during a meeting in 1979.

Speaking at a Friday news conference with attorney Gloria Allred, Kerr said that she been working in the office of an entertainment business manager, where she answered the phones. Weinstein was a frequent caller and at one point he suggested they meet at an office in Westwood. Kerr’s boss advised her to go ahead.

After she arrived, Weinstein told her to sit on the couch, and he sat close to her in the deserted office. 

“He said if he was going to introduce me around town he needed to know if I was ‘good,'” Kerr said. He kept asking and she “offered to provide him with a reel.”

“Because he was sitting so close on this couch I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach. The next thing I knew he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis,” she said.

Then Weinstein grabbed her hand and forced it onto his penis, she said, leaving her frozen with fear.

‘How things worked in Hollywood’

“He kept telling her this was how things worked in Hollywood, this was how actresses made it, she said. She would have sex with him, then he would take her to parties and introduce her to directors and other men who could assist her career and then she would sleep with them, she recalled.

Kerr says she “pulled her hand away as casually as possible,” backed away from him, left the room after she “thanked him for his time” and hurried out of the building.

After some theatre work, she quit acting. “I felt so powerless,” she tearfully recalled. “I didn’t think anyone would believe me.”

Kerr’s acting credits include the TV shows The Facts of Life and Mama’s Family.

Under investigation

Weinstein is facing criminal inquiries in three cities after allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Another attorney says he will detail allegations by an Italian actress and model who has told police Weinstein raped her in a Los Angeles hotel room in 2013.

David M. Ring is expected to address reporters outside a downtown Los Angeles courthouse on Friday afternoon. 

Police have confirmed they are investigating the accusation but have not released any further details.

The woman was not named in the Times story or the announcement of Ring’s press conference.

Weinstein’s representative has denied the Oscar-winner had non-consensual sex with any woman.