President Donald Trump strongly condemned Friday’s terrorist attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt during the first day of Ramadan.

“This merciless slaughter of Christians in Egypt tears at our hearts and grieves our souls,” he said, after terrorists shot at a bus, killing at least 28 people.

Trump again criticized the “depraved, twisted, and thuggish ideology” of terrorists, promising to fight on eliminating them from the world.

“The bloodletting of Christians must end, and all who aid their killers must be punished,” he said.

Trump vowed that America would help defend historic Christian communities in the Middle East.

“Civilization is at a precipice — and whether we climb or fall will be decided by our ability to join together to protect all faiths, all religions, and all innocent life,” he said.

Earlier today, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi also responded to the attack.

“I direct my appeal to President Trump: I trust you, your word and your ability to make fighting global terror your primary task,” he said.