(Photo Courtesy GoFundMe)

Christian leader and Bethel  Music CEO Joel Taylor and his wife Janie are in the middle of every parent’s nightmare, and they’re calling on the church for prayers.  

According to a website set up on the family’s behalf, the Taylor’s 2- year-old son, Jaxon, has been hospitalized for ten days. He was admitted for dehydration but was later flown to a separate facility after doctors were unable to administer an IV.

After a blood transfusion, Jaxon seemed to be on the mend, but then started to go downhill, and was moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

Members of the Bethel Church held a prayer vigil on Jaxon’s behalf.

Joel Taylor posted a heartbreaking description of the ordeal to social media.

“Last night our church held a prayer vigil for Jaxon. When we’ve run out of words and tears, you’ve all been our strength. Unfortunately, last night he took another turn for the worse. I won’t get into the traumatic details, but I will declare that “vengeance is mine says the Lord” and this disease will be conquered!” Joel Taylor posted to Instagram.

He went on to list specific prayers for the church community. 

– Pray that the leak in his gut is healed

– Pray that he stops vomiting blood

– Pray that he starts urinating

– Pray that his brain activity returns to normal and that there is no damage

– Pray that his respiratory system is restored and the fluid leaves his lungs

– Pray that his catheter and central line stay in his veins with no infections – Pray that his kidneys are healed and restored

– Pray that the intense pain stops so he can rest

– Pray that Janie and I get some rest. It’s been 10 days and there hasn’t been a day or night without major problems or setbacks. We’ve hardly slept. 

Now, prominent members of the faith community are interceding on young Jaxon’s behalf too.


Friends of the family have also set up a Gofundme page to cover the mounting medical bills.