To that end, look for training or educational opportunities to improve your earnings. There are millions of available jobs but no workers with the right skill-sets to fill them, said Dan Schawbel, research director at Future Workplace, a human resources advisory and research firm providing insights on the future of learning and working.

“Companies need to do a better job of examining the skills they need and then incorporating the right training to get their employees up to speed,” said Schawbel, who is also the author of “Promote Yourself” and “Me 2.0.” “By up-skilling your employees, they are able to shift into more in-demand, critical positions in your company, which allows you to compete at a higher level.”

However, financial security isn’t just about earning more. Experts say it’s also about making the most of what you have: Build up savings accounts, pay down debt and reduce dependency on credit.

Those Americans who haven’t recovered fully from the recession most likely have debt or are not saving, said certified financial planner Victoria Fillet, founder of Blueprint Financial Planning in Hoboken, New Jersey. To avoid being overwhelmed, try to break it down into little pieces that you can handle.

“If you’re not saving, start to save even if it’s a dollar a day,” she said. “It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment and encouragement that’ll get you started on the right road.