Carson Huey-You isn’t your average teenager. While most 14-year olds are ninth graders studying Algebra or mowing lawns for extra cash, Carson is getting a degree in physics. 

And don’t forget, a double minor in Chinese and math. 

From childhood, Carson has been a high achiever. He began dabbling in math at the age of 3, and showed an interest in quantum physics by high school. 

A high school graduate at 10, he moved on to Texas Christian University. 


His mentor, Dr. Magnus Ritby, sees Carson as an inspiration for others. “As I grow older, I want to tell people that age is not what people tend to think it is, and the same is for young people.”

“I think you can take young people very seriously.”

Although a prodigious genius, not all of Carson’s brilliance stems from classrooms and textbooks.

According to an interview with NBC DFW, Carson’s mother, Claretta Kimp, attributes her son’s success to “A lot of love and patience and understanding and commitment.”